Welcome to the online application for serving as an evidence analyst for the Evidence Analysis Library (EAL). We are always looking for individuals with strong analytic skills to join our team. This form is designed to solicit your contact information, gather information on your knowledge of research designs, statistics and study protocol. Please complete the form to the best of your ability by  February 22, 2017. After this date, all applications will be reviewed and evaluated. 

Training for evidence analysts will consist of 2 instructional webinars, a task assignment and a follow-up webinar. If selected to be an analyst, you must participate in the full training. Once training is complete, you are expected to complete at least 4 tasks per month.

Thank you for your support of the EAL.
Please use the following cale to respond to these questions:
1 = Not Confident al All     2 = A Little Comfortable     3 = Neutral      4 = Comfortable   5 = Very Comfortable 
Evidence analysts are involved in the data extraction phase of a systematic review. This lenght of this phase is based on the number of research articles approved for inclusion and the number of analysts assigned to a particular project.